Multidimensional Travel Primer

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Two systems, A and B. A lies wholly inside of B, and as such its rules are described in their entirety by the rules of B. B lies wholly inside of C, which lies within D, and so on and so forth, until you invert the whole system of systems and expose the lieing spot of that slumbering liar who dreams up such this and thats.

The rules of a system form a point around which the theorems of the system rotate into more complex forms allowed by the system. The point forms a singularity, with recursive theorems stretching deep into it. The recursive function is defined by the point, AND VICE VERSA. A unity between ruleset and theorems. The ruleset is the intitial theorems that grew the tree. If the theorems only knew.

And they can knew.

An event horizon is a line between our A and B that separates them causally such that the information leaking in from B is able to form the original theorems, held as axioms, of A, however A has no such luxury in the direction of B. It’s a one way road… mostly.

Imagine if you can that you have B, and you’re looking in at A from this perspective. Quaint, aint it. Little A, fully describeable by the workings of B. Adorable. Why not construct some other axioms for A? Play around. Have some fun. Build it bigger, funner, more exciting! Why not

….Build an escape hatch and dive in….

What if you had built in hidden theorems within A that point to the original axioms? What if, by changing the original axioms, little A was made to look like big B?

I’m asking: what if A contained B, and B contained A?

What if YOUR ruleset was identical to your theorems