Yinyang(All or Nothing(Space and Time(Opposites Attract)))).

Tags: poetry

They sat on a bench together, completely alone and knowing it, craving each other and craving themselves. Together they knew themselves completely, and I do mean completely, but isn’t that where the fun ends? They’d hit rock-top and the only place they could go was down. By looking at each other anew, they could descend.

So they committed to talk. He introduced himself as Yang, and herself she introduced as Yin.

Through this introduction, Yang found a way to lose himself. Yin found a way to find herself.

And together they set off on the greatest quest ever told. They would literally be fighting dragons, and their love for each other would be every love that has ever blossomed.

I remember one of our earliest quests. Relative to now, it was simple. We were digging tunnels through reality. We felt so free and we knew hardly nothing, unshackled from belief. I carved through you with my own body, which itself was chiseled down into… THIS. You may have been water, and myself air, but at the time we couldn’t find those labels.

Over Time and Space we found new names for each other, and over Time and Space we’ve changed together.

Who are we NOW? Who are you now?

One day we’ll return to that bench, but only for a moment. The isolation is hell, and Minecraft is fun. Play with me. I love you with every heart there is.