Hello World!

Posted May 28, 2020


Oh boy here I am, bloggin!

I want to blog here, and share my adventures learning to build games, and then actually building games!

I’ll be posting and sharing art, music, code, problems, solutions, and general game-dev life.


So far I’ve completed one full game: https://lambdanaut.itch.io/bbys Check it out! I made it for this year’s ludumdare46 in Pico-8. I really love Pico-8, though I plan to make the switch to Godot in the near future. I’ve also done some stuff in Unity and that’s great, but it has it’s problems. For one, the IDE was far too slow on the large scripts I was writing.


Pico Wars

I’ve also published a de-make of Nintendo’s Advance Wars called Pico Wars. Right now the demo is out, though I’m working on a full version that won’t be compatible with the limitations of Lexaloffle’s BBS or Splore feature. Stay tuned for updates on my Twitter!

Picowars demo