Discourses on Infinity

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This is a place for me to share fictional discourses and scrawlings on topics related to infinity.

Remembering the joke

Player 1: Thats sounds a bit like ██████, except with ██████ there’s no “I” at all, just a big joke, a secret that you can’t be permitted to know since it ends reality . Like realising you’re just watching a movie and you can just walk out of the theatre. I really struggled with this stuff when i was into ██████. I’m not religious, but I can only think of it like the Buddha supposedly did, now you’ve seen the machinery of the universe you can leave this world behind as a bad joke or a fake, or you can willingly go back into the illusion and help the beings trapped there, fix things, be creative and show kindness.. i think they call it Tikkun in Kabbalistic thought, humans were an accident, made by God unconsciously to fix the mistakes he/she made in creation. We’re caretakers.

Player 2: Yes. I remember also knowing the secret, and having a terrible feeling as though I’d broken reality.

The thing is, you can get up and leave the theater, but when you look down the street, it’s theaters all the way down.

So at that point you can decide to sit on the sidewalk and be completely alone with nothing to do forever… or….

You can enter another theater.

And start the show over again.

When you’re out on the street of infinity, it’s not a difficult choice. You made the choice. You made it an infinite number of times.

And that’s why we’re here once again friend.

Player 1: Its so weird that it feels so real sitting on the sidewalk, with dream lives in the theatres, but when you enter the theatre, the sidewalk becomes a dream

Player 2: Yes yes. While we’re on this topic I’ll fling another thing at you.

There’s only one guy on those streets, and no matter which theater we leave from, we’re always that one guy on those streets. In a sense, we’re just one guy that is constantly entering new movie theaters and putting on new costumes in order to act and play as new characters.

We’re all that one guy.

This reddit conversation between us “two” people is really just that one guy who entered the theater at different times, wearing different costumes, in order to talk to himself on Reddit.

This is of course only one way to look at it.

Player 1: Yeah… i work with alcoholics and street drug users. I like to think when you look into the black of peoples eyes, its the same thing looking out of all the eyes and out of me

Player 2: God bless. Thank you for this discussion.