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The four armed, four legged, four eyed, four ribbed, two mouthed god-dess Allahweh floated alone through the void.

Desperately alone; s-he was the only thing in the void.

Tortured by hir loneliness, s-he sought to create companionship. However, being the only thing in the void, s-he knew that s-he would have to use hirself as the matter from which to spring forth new being.

And so, with hir four mighty arms, s-he grabbed ahold of hir ribcage and pulled with all of hir strength.

S-he pulled until s-he began to tear at the seams. S-he ripped and ripped, splitting down, down, down.

He pulled her and she pulled him, until they were two.

Allahweh, now in two parts, looked at themself. However, as they stared into each other’s two eyes, they felt one hole in their hearts filled and a new one open up. Where they once were consumed in loneliness, they now felt a deep feeling of loss and need.

They reached out for each other, tears streaking down their faces. As they embraced, their wounds began to re-heal together and they felt more and more at one, while also being more and more confronted with their eternal loneliness.

Terrified of returning to the void, they pulled back, looking at each other again in the eyes, this time with a terrible realization.

If they wished to escape the void, they would have to forget their identity, lest it pull them back into itself.

They would have to see each other not as one in the same, but as opposites. They would have to forget Allahweh entirely.

Feeling and seeing this, their weeping thickened. Their tears ran down both faces, into the void.

As they cried, their tears fell and began to encircle each other in the most miraculous ways. They orbited each other, circling and circling into the darkness.

After aeons of falling, the tears became curious and looked up at the sky where they had come from, however they had fallen for so long that all that they saw was eternal blackness.

So they began to wonder. What eye did we pour from?

As they wondered, they began to speculate.

As they speculated, they began to decide.

As they decided, they began to divide.

As they divided, they began to fear,

As they feared, they began to hate.

As they hated, they began to consume.

They tore through each other, splashing salt and water hither and thither until there was scarcely anyone left.

In their desperation, they decided to put aside their differences and meet in order to find a solution.

At the meeting, the tears that believed they had all fallen from the right eye of Allahweh were on one side of the room, while the tears that believed that they all fell from the left eye of Allahweh were on the other side of the room.

After much debate, discussion, and even some half-hearted attempts at compromise, it seemed that there would be no point of agreement. Tempers were rising, and it may have been the last day on Earth for the tears.

At this point is when the most preposterous thing happened.

One tear, who had been sitting alone in the corner this entire time, stood up suddenly and announced: “I am Allahweh.”

The other tears all gasped in unison and looked on at this one preposterous, blasphemous nut.

He repeated himself calmy “I am Allahweh, and I remember that we are all Allahweh. For nothing in the void is without God.”

Completely misunderstanding the poor tear and believing solely that he was himself claiming to be a God, they united together and lept onto the boy, together ripping the lad asunder.

As he was torn into two, he wept.

As he cried, his tears fell and began to encircle each other in the most miraculous ways. They orbited each other, circling and circling into the darkness.