My Life Right Now (Burns, Buns, and Gamedev)

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Hey hey hey!

Life is shifting fast lately. I’m all “they/them” these days, and getting my own space away from my “primary partner” who is now more of a “just-like-all-my-other-partners” partner. It’s good though. It’s all really good. Going to burns a lot; spinning fire a lot; and I won 3rd place medal in a booty pagent at the last one I went to. Check it, parentals!

Bam. Content. Feeling content.

Also so much roleplaying this year. I met these hella sweet kids and we roleplay character shit. Fun stuff. Good therapy too. Really got to know myself by being not myself.

Some of my characters:

Other than that, progress has started back up on my Gamedev project: Overworld. Here’s some in-game aesthetics showoff:

It’s a video! Watch it!

Also working on a couple top secret art projects for burns. Super excited to talk about them, but not yet! Soonish for sure.