Woah Dude, it's Like, a Whole New World

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Wowee, hasn’t it just been a smidgen of time? A whole new fucking worlddddddd

I moved to Rochester! And.. I’m loving it here.

Though the first time I visited Rochester, I hated it. The place wreaked of evil, rust, and eternal ghetto, and while all of those things are actually accurate descriptions of Rochester, they’re also not the whole picture, and I’m really liking pretty much all of the other aspects that are coming up.

And the grunge is growing on me, like friendly mycelium that wants to reach deep inside and pull out all the nasties.

There’s a ton of broken glass in the backyard, and I’ve been dancing on it.

Look, just because I’ve left the countryside and my nice big field in the sun doesn’t mean that I can’t still dance barefoot outside.

It just means that the calluses on my feet get a chance to prove themselves.

Granted the glass is mostly worn down. It’s not like my landlord smashed a bottle of champagne to celebrate my arrival.

Nah he mostly ignored me and I had to corral him into a hug, the big jerk.

But it’s good.

He’s a good friend of mine, and one of the primary organizers of the NY state burns. The housemates are a pretty fuck-yes situation. I’m honestly not used to having housemates that actually do things

Like, even just simple things like cleaning up after themselves or doing their own dishes. It’s kinda mindblowing to me.

In past housemate situations, nearly all of the chores fell on me, and there was little-to-no accountability or equity.

I pretty much did all the things.

And I let myself get taken advantage of. I let my self get taken advantage of for over a decade.

And I’m done with that.

I’m out.

And it feels

🎆 SO 🎆


🎆 GOOD 🎆

Before moving here, I thought that it was natural for housemates to shirk duties and always negotiate for any chance to not have to commit.

I thought dependable housemates were like unicorns.

Now I think that maybe… hopefully.. they could actually just be the normal? If not, they should be.

Everyone deserves equity in their relationships.

And on that note, here’s a header:


It’s true! It’s big!

As you can see in subject A and B, shared above

It’s the biggest one in the state, or so I’ve heard from a real Rochester history buff (my nerd of a landlord)

Rochester also has Wegmans, a fantastic local grocery store, which I’ve been mildly stoked about, but the Rochester Public Market is so fantastic in quality, quantity, variety, and especially price, that I’ll for sure be doing most of my produce shopping there.


It’s true! That’s enough, for now!