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An art exhibit I put together with my partner Robi

The artist statement reads:

At Least Forever

Animal Planet and Robi are queer, trans, polyamorous creatures of the night who can be found across Rochester, dressed conspicuously, making music, art, and animal noises. The series “At Least Forever” explores the artists’ sense of self, their relationship with each other and shows a visual journey of love through time and space.

And now some other things

My bus is pausing at a rest stop in Ovid, NY.

It’s a small farm town between Ithaca and Rochester, and a town that I have found myself driving through often over the last year to visit my partner Cai in Ithaca.

Ovid was the ancient Greek writer who wrote Metamorphoses. I don’t know much about Metamorphoses other than that its primary theme is transformation. Change.

So I find myself thinking about change when I pass through this small town. I make a point to think about the things in my life that are changing, and have changed, and the changes that are coming and that I would like to move into.

There’s been so much change for me over the last couple years.

  • Leaving a toxic relationship with individuals who were just not right for me
  • Moving out of a 12 month co-habiting relationship to live on my own
  • Becoming vegan
  • Healing from a chronic health issue.
  • Beginning to date two incredibly [insert heart-wrenchingly beautiful adjective here] individuals and even getting to marry one of them. <3
  • Coming out as non-binary.
  • Starting hormone therapy. (I have TITS now)
  • Putting together an art exhibit with my partner Robi
  • Starting a band (okay this one is new) Check out MISSU KISSU when we exist more : )

It’s been a lot, and I’m truly not capturing it all of course. That’s not possible. Not with words.

Some of the feelings of love I’ve felt this year especially escape words. But some of that energy has been finding it’s way into my art. I’ve been painting a lot with Robi, and feel so grateful to have been able to share our exhibit at a local cafe last weekend.

This article was going to be all super reminiscical, but now I’m tired and done and it’s time for band practice so as per usual with these kind of