Picowars Credits [Spoilers]

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So a while back I created this PICO8 game Picowars and it did pretty well. Some people liked it wow! I even still get around a dozen people playing it daily which is pretty awesome if u ask me. Better than I would have originally thought!

I’m even going to be a panelist at PAX East 2024 in Boston (Sunday 24th @ 11pm) with several gamedevs who have made de-makes before, including the Portal64 guy who I’m really looking forward to meeting. It was a surprise, and I’m so excited and glad that I’ll be able to make it work.

Promised Spoilers

Anyways, here are the spoilers I promised. This isn’t an easy screen to reach as you have to beat the entire game to get here, but I want to have it online because I put a lot of time into it and it makes my heart feel when I watch it.

Blessings and be safe out there with the existing and whatnot